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New to the Encore

Each unit owner and resident is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their individual unit, including the heating and air conditioning system pertaining to that unit.  They also are responsible for complying with the provisions of the Declaration, the By-Laws, the Rules and Regulations and the current Resolutions.  As an owner you have already seen these documents.   As a renter you should be aware of their contents.  If the owner of your unit did not provide copies of these documents, you may obtain copies from the General Manager’s office.



KSO_8301.jpg Fairfax County prohibits the storage or use of any charcoal cooker, brazier, hibachi, grill, any gasoline or other flammable liquid, liquefied petroleum gas-fired stove or similar device on the balconies or within 15 feet of the building.  The building’s boundary extends to the fences.


Please remember to be conscientious about what is on your balcony/patio so that items such as cigarette butts, trash and lightweight objects do not blow onto another resident’s balcony/patio.



In the event of a POWER FAILURE:


A back-up generator will come on and provide only enough power for emergency lighting and the operation of one passenger elevator.  If you are caught in an elevator, you should pick up the phone located behind the small door beneath the panel of call buttons.  This phone automatically connects directly to the front desk.  The person at the front desk will immediately call Elcon Elevator to come out.  In the event that Elcon will be more than 10 minutes in coming, the front desk will call 911 to come and assist in getting people out of the elevator.    Remain calm and wait for help.


In the event of a MEDICAL EMERGENCY:


Call 911.  Give the location of the building - 1808 Old Meadow Road, McLean, VA 22102.  Give the Encore phone number - 703-883-0363.  Give your name and explain the nature of the emergency.  Alert the front desk that an emergency has occurred and 911 have been called.  The number of the front desk is 703-883-0363.

In the event of a FIRE:


If you see a fire in the building, pull the nearest red local fire alarm.  There is one on every hall.  This will immediately alert the local fire station.  In instances where an ambulance might be needed, after pulling the red local fire alarm, call 911 immediately and explain the situation.   When the fire alarm sounds, you will be instructed that there is a fire emergency in the building.  You must leave the building immediately by the nearest exit.  Do not use the elevator.  Fire exits are located at each end of the hallway on every floor.  As you leave your unit, close the door behind you.  Gather in the plaza parking lot and wait for the all clear.




If you or someone in your unit requires assistance to evacuate the building, please inform the General Manager so that that person may be put on the list of persons in need of assistance.  This alerts the fire department and allows them to properly render the assistance needed.



Whether you are an owner or a renter, please provide the front desk with the information requested on the Resident Information Sheet and the Move In/Out and Delivery Request Form prior to moving.  Also, please provide a copy of your Settlement Sheet (HUD-1), if an owner.  If you are renting, the Bylaws require that a copy of the lease is kept on file at the management office.


For a safe and orderly move into or out of the Encore, including moves within the Encore, please observe the following procedures:


· Schedule your move with the Encore staff at least 3 days in advance of the planned move in/move out date.  A longer lead time will likely assure that your move can be scheduled without conflict when you wish.  Moves are to be made between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Only with the prior approval of the General Manager may a move be scheduled for a Saturday; there is an additional fee for Saturday moves.  Moves will not be scheduled on Sundays or Holidays.


· Prior to the scheduled move, remit a check, payable to Encore of McLean, for $100.00 as a security deposit and a separate check of $150.00 for the move in/move out fee.  If a move is scheduled for Saturday, the move in/move out fee is $375.00 plus a $100.00 security deposit.  The $100.00 security deposit will be refunded after an inspection of the common areas shows no damage has occurred as a result of the move.  The $150.00 (or $375.00) move in/move out fee is not refundable.  The fees also apply to moves within the building.


· On the day of the move, Encore staff will apply boards to protect the hall carpeting.  This must be done before any move can begin.  Please contact the General Manager if the boards are not in place on the day and time scheduled for your move.


· If the move is not complete by 4:30 p.m., a fee of $30.00 per hour or any part of an hour will be charged to the moving party.


· Break down and discard packing boxes in the dumpster located at the loading dock.  Packing boxes should not be placed in the trash room at any time.



Residents will be issued parking stickers according to the number of parking spaces they have designated for their unit and for any that they rent.  The stickers are to be placed on the bumper or windshield on the driver side of the vehicle.


Each unit has a designated parking space(s).  Please park in your designated parking space.  Residents may not park in visitor parking overnight.


Guests will be issued a parking permit at the front gate.  This must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle.  Guests should park in the visitor parking area.  If a guest needs to park for more than one day, the guest may get a dated parking permit at the front desk for the number of days required.  Vehicles parked in visitor parking without a permit may be subject to towing.


Trailers, campers, recreational vehicles, boats and jet skies are not allowed on the property.


Parking spaces in the garage are to be used for vehicle parking only.  Nothing else is to be left or stored in these spaces.  There is a special area in the garage for motorcycles and a special storage room in the building on the garage level for bicycles.  A waiver agreement for the use of the bicycle storage room must be signed and filed with the front desk.


If a vehicle is improperly parked in your designated parking space and you wish to have it towed, the front desk can recommend a towing company.  The owner or operator of the vehicle towed is responsible for any charges incurred.


If you need additional assigned parking for a vehicle, the Encore has seven spaces, if available, on the plaza level that can be rented on a monthly basis.  The fee is $40.00 per month, payable by check to the Encore of McLean.  Arrangements for this additional resident parking can be made with the Norma.




Residents may have a pet in the Encore.  Board approval is required for more than one pet in a unit.  Types of pets allowed are dogs, cats, caged domestic birds, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, aquarium fish, domesticated rabbits, rats, mice or creatures normally maintained in a terrarium or aquarium.  Dogs may not weigh more than 30 pounds.


Residents must register their pet when they move in or when they acquire the pet.  A non-refundable registration fee of $50.00 is charged for each pet other than fish or caged birds and is due at the time of moving in.  There is an additional $50.00 annual maintenance fee for dogs.

Pets must be carried or leashed at all times within the Encore common areas and transported through the building via the freight elevator to the garage level.  Pets may then be exited through the side door next to the automatic garage doors.  The center elevators may not be used unless the freight elevator is being used for a move in progress.  Pets are not allowed in the lobby.  A designated pet area is located under the trees on the right hand side of the front drive as you leave the Encore building.  Excrement should be disposed of in the receptacles provided in the pet area or collected in a plastic bag that Encore provided for proper disposal.


Visiting animals, other than Seeing Eye and aide dogs, are not permitted in the Encore at any time.



Each unit has an assigned storage bin in one of the storage areas at the Encore.  Any lock on individual bins is the responsibility of the resident.


Keys to the storage area doors are kept at the front desk.  You may sign out the key to the storage area 24 hours a day.  Please return the key to the front desk as soon as possible.

You may not store flammable or combustible liquids, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), explosives or other dangerous materials in your bin.





To establish new telephone service you will need to contact the provider of your choice (including, but not limited to, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc.)


The Encore has a master antenna on its roof which can provide limited reception for some TV channels.  There is at least one place in each unit where you can connect your TV to this antenna.


To arrange for the installation of cable for your television call Cox Communications at    703-378-8422 or contact Cox Communications at


FIOS is available.  Contact a Verizon representative.


Satellite dishes are permitted per FCC regulations.  A copy of the regulations is available at the front desk.



There is a trash room with a trash chute on each floor.


Everyday trash must be placed in secured plastic bags and put down the trash chute.  Please do not use bags designed for “leaf and grass” as they are too large to pass readily down the chute.


Newspapers must be placed in the large marked trash container in each trash room. 


Aluminum, glass and plastic items should be placed in the marked containers in each trash room.  These recyclable items are collected daily from each trash room.

Boxes must be taken to the loading dock and placed in the dumpster.  No boxes may be left in the trash room as they present a fire hazard.


Large items, such as furniture, rolls of carpeting, mattresses and the like, must be taken to the loading dock.  These large items must never be left in the trash room.



The vent fans in the kitchen (near the stove) and the bathroom (in the ceiling), when turned on, help remove cooking odors and cigarette/cigar smoke odors by drawing the odors from the unit through the condo’s vent system and out of the building on the roof.  Odors can drift into hallways and other resident’s units if the fans are not used.  As a courtesy to your neighbors, please turn on these fans when cooking or smoking.



Visitors must be buzzed into the Encore lobby by either the front desk or someone in the unit to be visited.  Each visitor should sign in at the front desk.


To contact a unit from the front door, the visitor follows the directions on the electronic directory in the vestibule.  The visitor finds the last name of the resident to be visited and the four digit dialing code for that person’s unit.  Then the visitor enters the four digit code on the dialing pad.  When the telephone in the unit rings, the resident answers and then presses the number 5 on the telephone pad.  This will release the front door and the visitor can enter the lobby.


To contact the front desk, the visitor may press the bell to the right of the directory in the vestibule.



Washing the exterior of windows is scheduled two times a year, usually in the spring and fall.  If you wish to have the interior side of the windows in your unit or the doors on your balcony washed, you may sign up for these services at the time the exterior work is done.  The charges for these services will be announced at the time the window cleaning is scheduled.


Balcony washing is scheduled once a year, prior to the spring window washing.  Balconies are to be washed only on this day.  Washing begins on the 14th floor and is done on floors in descending order since washing off the debris deposits water and debris on the balcony/patio below.  The Encore will provide hosing and cleansing material and you may wash your own balcony.  Or, if you wish, the maintenance staff will wash your balcony for a nominal charge.  A schedule showing the timeframe for each floor will be posted.  Also, prior to balcony washing, there will be a sign up sheet posted, including costs for services, for those residents wanting the staff to wash their balconies.




Bulletin Boards

There is a bulletin board in the hall leading to the library.  Residents may have management post notices which have been approved by the Assistant Manager.  Notices are usually posted for two weeks.   Content must be approved by Management.


Car Washing

A hose for car washing is located in the loading dock area.  It is operational between April and October.  Car washing is prohibited inside the garage or on the parking plaza




Carts are available for residents’ use.  Residents must sign out a cart in the register at the front desk.  Please return carts promptly; please not keep carts overnight. 


Exercise Room


The Encore has an exercise room for the use of Encore residents and their guests.  Located on the first floor the room is equipped with exercise machines, weights, and separate men’s/women’s changing rooms w/showers.




A library is located on the first floor of the Encore.  The books in the library were donated by Encore residents and you may borrow these books at any


Shops in the Regency


A convenience store, a dry cleaner and a hairdresser are located in the Regency.

A convenience store, a dry cleaner and a hairdresser are located in the Regency.


Access to these shops can be gained through the Encore garage.  There is a door labeled “Regency Shops”  next to parking space 115 and opposite parking spaces 197 and 198.  Go through the door and down three flights of stairs where there is another door labeled “Regency Shops.”  This door can only be opened using the white access card.  Insert the white access card in the small square opening next to the door frame.  Once inside you will be in an unmarked corridor -- turn left, then right, then right again and finally left into a long corridor (which actually leads to the Regency Lobby).  The shops are on the right side of the corridor.


The door to the hair/beauty salon and the cleaners is marked.  


The door to “The Store” is located near the end of the corridor; store hours are:


Monday—Friday            8:30am - 9:00pm

Saturday                         9:00am - 9:00pm

Sunday                           9:00am - Noon


Social Room


The social room is located on the first floor of the Encore behind the lobby elevators.  If you wish to reserve the social room for a function, please contact the front desk at least one week ahead of the scheduled event.


The social room is located on the first floor of the Encore behind the lobby elevators.  If you wish to reserve the social room for a function, please contact the front desk at least one week ahead of the scheduled event.


Use of the social room can be scheduled during the day and evening.  Functions must end by 11pm Sunday through Thursday and 1am on Friday and Saturday.


The fees for renting the social room are:


             9am - Noon, Monday - Friday     $35.00                            

             Noon - 5pm, Monday - Friday     $50.00

             9am - 5pm, Saturday - Sunday     $50.00

             After 5pm, any day                      $100.00             


Please note:  A $250.00 security deposit is required for all social room reservations.  This security deposit will be refunded if, upon inspection after the event, there is no damage.


TV/Master Antenna


The Encore has a master antenna on its roof which can provide limited reception for some TV channels.  There is a connection in each living room (unless it has been removed by a previous owner).  There is a connection also on the same room in the bedroom. 


Swimming Pool


Residents of the Encore are entitled to use the pools located at the Regency.

Each year the Encore will issue or validate passes for use of the pool to each


Residents of the Encore are entitled to use the pools located at the Regency.


Each year the Encore will issue or validate passes for use of the pool to each occupant of an Encore unit.  Two guest passes per unit also may be issued.


You may reach the pool through the Encore garage.  There is a door marked “Pool” at the far end of the garage next to parking space 110.  This leads to a short flight of steps down to a door opening into a garden courtyard.  Across the courtyard and to your left is the entrance to the pool changing rooms and the pool.


To return to the Encore garage from the pool, you will need your white access card.


School District

Elementary: WESTGATE

Middle: KILMER



Contact Management


1808 Old Meadow Road

McLean, Virginia  22102

Phone: 703-883-0363

Fax: 703-790-9778


Sales and Rental Information

Phone: 703-928-5990



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